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Cyber Heals: Your Shield in the Digital Frontier

Unleashing Next-Gen AI Powered Security Products, Tailored Solutions, and Expert Training for Unmatched Cyber Resilience
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Who We Are

In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber-attacks, Cyber Heals emerges as a beacon of distinction. Combining the prowess of Artificial Intelligence with a profound understanding of cybersecurity, we are revolutionizing how businesses approach digital defense. Our solutions don't merely react; they proactively anticipate, adapt, and counteract cyber threats, empowering businesses to navigate the digital sphere with confidence.

Beyond our cutting-edge AI-driven products, our team of cybersecurity professionals' tailors' bespoke protection strategies, ensuring comprehensive safeguarding of your digital infrastructure.

Based in the United Kingdom, Cyber Heals operates globally, with branches spanning the Middle East, Australia, Malaysia, and India.

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Secure your organisation with our Award winning Products

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1. Ultraheals

A Continuous Threat Exposure Management Platform offers comprehensive intelligence and analysis to identify potential attack vectors and prevent them from progressing further in the attack chain, ultimately safeguarding your organization’s critical assets and data.
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Attack Surface Monitoring.
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Digital Risk Protection.
Vulnerability operations center icon.
Vulnerability operations center.
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VVIP protection
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Digital risk protection meter.
Detailed report with CVSS score.
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2. Mobiheals

A platform that helps you understand and fix security vulnerabilities in Android and iOS applications before they are deployed to play/app stores.
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Machine learning-analysis
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3. Pwnheals

A next-gen cyber security labs and CTF platform developed through the expertise of seasoned cybersecurity engineers and zero-day vulnerability experts to cultivate and refine the skills of emerging talents in the cybersecurity domain.
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In depth user analytics
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Interactive gamified Learning
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Certifications and Badges
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Are You Protected Against Cyber Threats?

With the rise of cyber threats, it's never been more critical to ensure your digital defenses are up to the challenge. Our Free Cybersecurity Assessment offers a thorough examination of your systems to pinpoint security gaps and offer actionable solutions.
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Powerful Modules, Powerful Solutions

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Offensive Security services

Provides companies with a comprehensive approach to safeguard their sensitive data by identifying potential security weaknesses
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Vulnerability Assessment icon.
Vulnerability Assessment
Continuous Assessment, Monthly Report, Real‑time Notification
Penetration Testing icon.
Penetration Testing
In-depth simulated attacks to uncover vulnerabilities.
Red Teaming icon.
Red Teaming
Comprehensive assessments simulating real-world attacks.
OSINT icon.
Gathering open-source intelligence to assess security risks.
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Defensive Security services

Your first and foremost line of defense against cyber attacks. It relies on preventive measures and real time incident response to build cyber resilience and protect your assets
Security Architecture and configuration Review
reviewing systems with inherent security measures from the outset.
Swiftly responding to cyber-attacks with forensic investigation and precise remediation.
vCISO Services
Delivering vCISO expertise for robust security leadership.
Security Compliance icon.
Security Compliance
Ensuring adherence to security standards and regulations.
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Talent hunt

Cyber Heals roffers adept assistance in the recruitment of suitable personnel for your occupational milieu
Red Team
Internal or external entities dedicated to testing the effectiveness of a security
Blue Team
Internal security team that defends against both real attackers and Red Teams
Purple Team
Exists to ensure and maximize the effectiveness of the Red and Blue teams
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Empower your team with our comprehensive training courses and workshops, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to recognize and mitigate cyber risks effectively.
Cyber Security Master Program
Dedicated training to build future Cyber Security Leaders. 
Cyber Risk Workshop
Aimed to increase awareness and empower the employees and executives of an organization to safeguard and build resilience against cyber-attacks.
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Success Stories

Stories of successful implementation and impact created
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Cyberheals competitive advantage

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Expert Consulting Services

Access our team of experienced cybersecurity professionals for tailored guidance and strategic advice to strengthen your defences
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Advanced Threat Defense

Safeguard your organization with our product’s AI based cutting-edge technology, providing proactive protection against sophisticated cyber threats.
Cybersecurity Awareness icon.

Cybersecurity Awareness

Empower your team with our comprehensive training courses and workshops, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to mitigate cyber risks effectively.
Cloud-Based Security Services icon.

Cloud-Based Security Services

Embrace the benefits of secure cloud computing with our robust cloud-based security services, ensuring the safety of your data in the digital realm

Stories of successful implementation

Resources to fuel your cybersecurity strategy

Unveiling Vulnerabilities in Government Oil Company's Network Infrastructure

Black box web application security assessment for leading bank in Kuwait.

Fortifying Defenses: Defeating Cyber Threats in Logistics

Black box web application security assessment for leading bank in Kuwait.

Exposed API Keys in Mobile Apps

Security Insights: Cyberheals Researchers Identify Critical Vulnerabilities in Leading Mobile Applications Using MobiHeals a SaaS Based application. In a recent breakthrough, researchers have discovered significant vulnerabilities within popular apps, leveraging their cutting-edge product to uncover API leaks, Exposed Firebase Databases as well as other critical issues. Key Findings: Cyberheals revealed that over half of the […]
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