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Governance, Risk & Compliance
Effortlessly manage regulations, risks, and compliance with Ultra-Heals' comprehensive solution.
Cloud Security Posture Management
Achieve complete visibility, automated compliance, and proactive risk management with Ultra-Heals CSPM.
Attack Surface Management
Enhance your cybersecurity with proactive identification and mitigation of vulnerabilities across your digital landscape.
Digital Risk Protection
Proactively safeguard your data, brand, and reputation with real-time threat detection and mitigation.
Brand Threat Intelligence
BTI safeguards executives' online presence with AI-powered threat intelligence, ensuring proactive protection against digital risks.
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Secure Your Reputation

BTI safeguards executives' online presence with AI-powered threat intelligence, ensuring proactive protection against digital risks.
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Safeguarding Reputations

BTI revolutionizes digital risk protection with advanced AI algorithms, offering real-time threat detection and proactive mitigation. Safeguard your brand's reputation and executives' online presence with comprehensive monitoring and customizable threat analysis.

Elevated Brand Protection

AI-Powered Threat Classification
Brand Monitoring
VIP Social Media Monitoring
Automated Threat Analysis

AI-Powered Threat Classification

Advanced AI algorithms precisely classify threats, ensuring accurate threat assessment and prioritization for proactive mitigation.

Brand Monitoring

Stay informed about your brand's presence across major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. The platform continuously scans these channels to detect and alert you of potential threats.

VIP Social Media Monitoring

Provides meticulous monitoring of social media accounts for high-level executives, safeguarding their online presence and mitigating impersonation risks.

Automated Threat Analysis

Gain in-depth insights into brand threats with detailed reports that help identify patterns and trends, facilitating effective threat management strategies.


Tailor threat detection parameters to match organizational needs, ensuring relevant and targeted monitoring for maximum effectiveness.


Robust data protection measures ensure the confidentiality and security of sensitive information, safeguarding against breaches and leaks.

Safeguarding Online Presence

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Identify and mitigate threats in real-time, minimizing potential disruptions and safeguarding brand value. 

Enhanced Stakeholder Trust

Foster trust with stakeholders through responsible social media engagement and proactive reputation management. 

Cybersecurity Fortification

Protect executives and sensitive corporate data from sophisticated cyberattacks with advanced threat intelligence. 

Compliance Optimization

Ensure adherence to data privacy laws and regulations, mitigating potential compliance risks associated with social media usage. 

Strategic Stakeholder Engagement

Leverage social media as a platform for positive interactions, strengthening relationships and enhancing enterprise credibility. 

Cost-Efficient Operations

Reduce manual effort and resource allocation with automated monitoring processes, ensuring continuous vigilance and efficiency. 

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Stay Ahead of Threats

Proactively protect your reputation with detailed analysis and expert recommendations. Ensure your brand and high-ranking executives are safeguarded against impersonation, negative feedback, and cyber threats.
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