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Cyber Heals detects data leaks on India’s largest fashion e‑commerce app with its AI‑powered Ultra Security Platform!

May 17 2023
1 Min Read

Introducing our groundbreaking Ultra Security Platform, powered by AI, which swiftly identified a breach within India’s top fashion e-commerce application. It goes beyond traditional approaches, predicting future attacks, data leaks, and vulnerabilities.

Our platform uncovered a potential data leak on the e-commerce portal, exposing a database of 1.5 million Indian shopping records. While passwords were not compromised, critical PII such as names and addresses were at risk.

With continuous monitoring of the dark web, our Ultra Security Platform provides unparalleled protection for your sensitive data. We promptly notified the affected organization, empowering them to take swift action.

Discover the capabilities of our revolutionary product by visiting the link below. Schedule a meeting with us to protect your organization free of cost.

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