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Data Leaks Identified on India’s largest e‑Commerce Platform

Mar 27 2024
2 Mins Read

Cyber Heals effectively identifies data leaks on India's largest fashion e-commerce application, With its cutting-edge AI-powered Ultra Heals Security Platform

Cyber Heals unveils its groundbreaking AI-powered Ultra Heals Security Platform, capable of swiftly detecting data leaks, with recent success in identifying a breach within India’s largest fashion e-commerce application. Image of the security shield.

A close-up shot of hackers operating computers.

Our Ultra Heals Security Platform is an integrated next-generation solution that combines attack surface intelligence and digital risk protection. By leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, our platform goes beyond traditional approaches, focusing on Indicators of Initial Attack Vectors to predict future attacks, data leaks, and vulnerabilities.

With continuous autonomous intelligence, our Ultra Heals Security Platform keeps a vigilant eye on your organization’s threats in the dark web, ensuring unparalleled protection for your sensitive data.

Recently, our platform identified a potential data leak on India’s largest e-commerce portal. The threat actor boldly published a message on a data selling channel on Telegram on May 10th, 2023, exposing their nefarious intentions. The message indicated the availability of a database containing 1.5 million records of Indian shopping data. While the database did not include passwords, it contained crucial Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as Firstname, Lastname, Shipping Address, Region, City, Postcode, Telephone, and Email.

Image of USP’s Deep and Dark web Intelligence Module Alerts. Img: USP’s Deep and Dark web Intelligence Module Alerts

To further demonstrate the severity of the breach, the attacker even shared a sample file containing PII details of approximately 600 users. This incident underscores the critical need for proactive measures to safeguard customer data.

Image of Sample data set 1. Img: Sample Data’s – 1

Image of Sample data set 2. Img: Sample Data’s – 2

Our Ultra Heals Security Platform’s continuous monitoring of the surface, dark, and deep web empowers organizations with comprehensive threat intelligence. Leveraging contextual-based AI analysis and GPT-4 algorithms, we swiftly classify threats originating from the dark and deep web, ensuring timely and effective mitigation.

As soon as the data leak was detected, Cyber Heals promptly notified the affected organization, empowering them to take swift action against the breach.

To learn more about our revolutionary product and its capabilities, please visit the link below. If you’re eager to protect your organization free of cost, schedule a meeting with us.

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