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Identified Microsoft SharePoint Authentication Bypass Vulnerability (CVE-2023-29357) in a Multinational Holding Company

Jun 11 2024
1 Min Read

The case study delves into Ultra-Heals' assessment of a multinational holding company's security, particularly focusing on a critical vulnerability in Microsoft SharePoint. Despite being a crucial tool for collaboration and document management, SharePoint was found to have an authentication bypass vulnerability, identified as CVE-2023-29357. This vulnerability posed significant risks to data security, potentially allowing unauthorized access to sensitive information. During a routine assessment using its External Attack Surface Management (EASM) module, Ultra-Heals detected this issue, which could lead to data manipulation, theft, and exposure of proprietary information.

The study emphasizes the importance of robust security practices, timely patching, and continuous monitoring to mitigate such vulnerabilities. It highlights the immediate actions taken by Global Holdings, including access restriction, patch deployment, security audits, credential rotation, and enhanced monitoring, which successfully mitigated the risks. The conclusion advocates for ongoing vigilance and the use of advanced AI-powered security solutions like Ultra-Heals to fortify digital defenses and combat evolving cyber threats, ensuring security and compliance in a complex threat landscape.

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