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Governance, Risk & Compliance
Effortlessly manage regulations, risks, and compliance with Ultra-Heals' comprehensive solution.
Cloud Security Posture Management
Achieve complete visibility, automated compliance, and proactive risk management with Ultra-Heals CSPM.
Attack Surface Management
Enhance your cybersecurity with proactive identification and mitigation of vulnerabilities across your digital landscape.
Digital Risk Protection
Proactively safeguard your data, brand, and reputation with real-time threat detection and mitigation.
Brand Threat Intelligence
BTI safeguards executives' online presence with AI-powered threat intelligence, ensuring proactive protection against digital risks.
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Holistic Security for Today's Threats

Ultra Heals delivers comprehensive security, covering compliance, cloud fortification, and digital threat protection.
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About Ultra-Heals

Ultra-Heals empowers enterprises with a future-proof cybersecurity platform, leveraging cutting-edge AI to disrupt the initial attack vector. We proactively identify and neutralize cyber threats before they infiltrate your defenses, safeguarding your critical data and brand reputation. Our comprehensive suite of solutions, encompassing attack surface management, vulnerability intelligence, and cloud security, empowers your organization to achieve a holistic security posture.

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Secure your organisation with our Award winning Products

1. Governance, Risk & Complicance (GRC)

Ultra Heals GRC is a cutting-edge compliance automation module designed to empower organizations in navigating complex regulatory landscapes. From continuous cloud security and real-time compliance monitoring to automated evidence collection and vendor risk management, it ensures seamless integration with top SaaS providers for enhanced efficiency and security resilience.
Continuous Compliance Assurance
Automated Evidence Collection
Vendor Risk Management
Integrated Cloud Security Monitoring
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2. Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

In the era of cloud adoption, maintaining a secure cloud environment is paramount. Ultra-Heals Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) empowers you with continuous visibility and automated controls to safeguard your cloud infrastructure.
Automated Threat Detection & Remediation
Multi-Cloud Support
Continuous Miscon figuration Detection & Remediation
Compliance Assurance
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3. Attack Surface Management (ASM)

Ultra-Heals Attack Surface Management (ASM) empowers your organization with a proactive approach to cybersecurity. Our advanced solution goes beyond traditional perimeter defenses by continuously discovering and monitoring all external assets connected to your organization. This includes web servers, web applications, cloud resources, and even shadow IT.
Uncover Hidden Assets
Prioritize Remediation
Maintain Continuous Vigilance
Proactively Mitigate Threats
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4. Digital Risk Protection (DRP)

In today's interconnected world, your organization's reputation is constantly exposed online. Ultra-Heals' Digital Risk Protection (DRP) module empowers you to proactively manage and mitigate digital threats across the web's vast landscape.
Dark Web & Deep Web Intelligence
Brand Threat Detection
Data Leak Monitoring
Detect Fake Apps & Phishing Domain
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5. Brand Threat Intelligence (BTI)

In the age of social media and instant communication, your brand reputation is a valuable asset vulnerable to online threats. Ultra-Heals Brand Threat Intelligence empowers you with a comprehensive solution to safeguard your brand image and build trust with stakeholders.
Real-Time Brand Monitoring
AI-Driven Threat Classification
VIP Protection
Enhanced Brand Trust
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Ultra-Heals offers a Free Comprehensive Security Report powered by our industry-leading modules. This report delivers a 360-degree view of your organization's security posture which helps you Identify vulnerabilities across your attack surface, cloud environment, and brand reputation.
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Powerful Modules,  Powerful Solutions

Talent Hunt

Offensive Security services

Provides companies with a comprehensive approach to safeguard their sensitive data by identifying potential security weaknesses
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Vulnerability Assessment
Continuous Assessment, Monthly Report, Real‑time Notification
Penetration Testing icon.
Penetration Testing
In-depth simulated attacks to uncover vulnerabilities.
Red Teaming icon.
Red Teaming
Comprehensive assessments simulating real-world attacks.
OSINT icon.
Gathering open-source intelligence to assess security risks.
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Defensive Security services

Your first and foremost line of defense against cyber attacks. It relies on preventive measures and real time incident response to build cyber resilience and protect your assets
Security Architecture and configuration Review
reviewing systems with inherent security measures from the outset.
Swiftly responding to cyber-attacks with forensic investigation and precise remediation.
vCISO Services
Delivering vCISO expertise for robust security leadership.
Security Compliance icon.
Security Compliance
Ensuring adherence to security standards and regulations.
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Talent hunt

Cyber Heals roffers adept assistance in the recruitment of suitable personnel for your occupational milieu
Red Team
Internal or external entities dedicated to testing the effectiveness of a security
Blue Team
Internal security team that defends against both real attackers and Red Teams
Purple Team
Exists to ensure and maximize the effectiveness of the Red and Blue teams
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Empower your team with our comprehensive training courses and workshops, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to recognize and mitigate cyber risks effectively.
Cyber Security Master Program
Dedicated training to build future Cyber Security Leaders. 
Cyber Risk Workshop
Aimed to increase awareness and empower the employees and executives of an organization to safeguard and build resilience against cyber-attacks.
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Behind Ultra-Heals

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The Cyber Heals Team

Cyber Heals is the global cybersecurity firm behind the Ultra-Heals platform. Founded on the belief that defense is more than reaction, we combine cutting-edge AI with the expertise of our seasoned cybersecurity professionals.

Our mission is to empower businesses to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. We go beyond simply detecting threats – we proactively anticipate, adapt, and counteract them using advanced AI and bespoke security strategies.

Headquartered in the UK with a global presence, Cyber Heals is dedicated to safeguarding your digital infrastructure, wherever you operate.

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Stories of successful implementation

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Ultra-Heals Uncovers Critical Remote Code Execution Flaw in Employment Engagement Platform

Ultra-Heals Uncovers Critical Remote Code Execution (CVE-2021-22205) in GitLab

Ultra-Heals Identified Microsoft SharePoint Authentication Bypass Vulnerability (CVE-2023-29357) in a Multinational Holding Company

Ultra-Heals identified a high-severity authentication bypass vulnerability in Microsoft SharePoint
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