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Secured an Exposed SVN wc.db File in a Multinational Holding Company

Jun 11 2024
1 Min Read

The case study delves into Ultra-Heals' identification of a significant security vulnerability within a multinational holding company, referred to as "Global Holdings." In early 2024, Ultra-Heals discovered that a Subversion (SVN) wc.db file was publicly exposed on the internet, posing severe risks to the company’s intellectual property and operational integrity. This file, a critical component of SVN’s working copy, contains metadata about the repository, including URLs, commit history, and user information. During a routine scan using its External Attack Surface Management (EASM) module, Ultra-Heals detected this exposure, which could lead to repository information leakage, user information exposure, and commit history access. Immediate actions included revoking public access, conducting a comprehensive audit, resetting credentials, enforcing multi-factor authentication (MFA), and deploying enhanced monitoring.

The study emphasizes the importance of robust security practices, regular security audits, and continuous monitoring to mitigate such vulnerabilities. It highlights the comprehensive measures taken by Global Holdings, including server configuration hardening, implementing .svnignore for sensitive files, and providing employee training on best practices for version control and data security. The conclusion advocates for the use of AI-powered security solutions like Ultra-Heals to ensure security and compliance in a complex threat landscape. This proactive approach serves as a model for addressing and mitigating similar security vulnerabilities in the future.

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