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Cyber Heals service offers companies a holistic solution to safeguard their sensitive data and counter cyber threats effectively
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About Our Services

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Our Aim
Cyber Heals aims to provide a more effective and user-friendly solution to your cyber threats with our excellent services.
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Best Choice
Cyber Heals will be the best choice for cyberattacks as it improves, secures and defences the security of your business and organisation.

Offensive Security Services

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Offensive services offered
Vulnerability Assessment : Continuous Assessment, Monthly Report, Real-time Notification.
Network Penetration Testing : Our comprehensive assessments meticulously examine your network infrastructure, uncovering vulnerabilities and fortifying security measures to bolster protection against potential cyber threats.
Web/API/Mobile App Penetration Test : Our services offer thorough assessments to pinpoint vulnerabilities in your applications, ensuring robust security measures are implemented.
Cloud Security Assessment : Our comprehensive services offer in-depth evaluations to identify potential security risks within your cloud infrastructure, ensuring robust protection measures are in place.
OSINT Services : OSINT services involve gathering and analyzing publicly available data from various sources to extract valuable insights and support decision-making processes.
Red Teaming : Our specialized services conduct realistic simulations of cyber attacks, enabling organizations to evaluate their security posture and enhance resilience against sophisticated threats through proactive measures and strategic defenses.

Defensive Security Services

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Defensive services offered
DFIR Services : Rapid response to cybersecurity incidents, forensic analysis of digital evidence, and proactive threat hunting to mitigate risks and minimize impact on organizations' operations.
Security Compliance : Our tailored solutions ensure organizations meet regulatory standards and industry best practices, providing comprehensive assessments, guidance, and implementation strategies to maintain robust security posture and mitigate risks effectively.
Security Architecture & Configuration Review : Involves assessing the design and setup of security measures within a system or network to identify vulnerabilities and ensure protection.
Security Engineering Services : Security engineering services involve designing and implementing robust security measures to protect digital assets and infrastructure from cyber threats.
vCISO Services :  vCISO services provide organizations with access to an experienced Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) on a virtual or outsourced basis to manage cybersecurity strategies and initiatives.
Security Baseline :  A security baseline is a foundational set of security measures and configurations used to establish a minimum level of security for systems, networks, or applications.

Talent hunt

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Red team
Our Red Team consists of offensive security experts who simulate real-world attacks to assess your organization's vulnerabilities.
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Blue team
The Blue Team comprises defensive security specialists who focus on protecting your systems and networks from cyber threats.
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Purple team
Purple Team integrates both offensive and defensive tactics, fostering collaboration and enhancing overall security effectiveness.
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Bespoke Services

At Cyber Heals, we understand that every organization's security needs are unique. That's why we offer bespoke security services tailored to your specific requirements. Our team collaborates closely with you to design customized solutions that maximize your security efficacy.

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