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Governance, Risk & Compliance
Effortlessly manage regulations, risks, and compliance with Ultra-Heals' comprehensive solution.
Cloud Security Posture Management
Achieve complete visibility, automated compliance, and proactive risk management with Ultra-Heals CSPM.
Attack Surface Management
Enhance your cybersecurity with proactive identification and mitigation of vulnerabilities across your digital landscape.
Digital Risk Protection
Proactively safeguard your data, brand, and reputation with real-time threat detection and mitigation.
Brand Threat Intelligence
BTI safeguards executives' online presence with AI-powered threat intelligence, ensuring proactive protection against digital risks.


ISO 27001:2022 Controls Checklist
Simplify Your Path to ISO27001 with our Free Checklist Achieving ISO27001:2022 certification is a significant milestone for any organization, demonstrating a commitment to robust information security management. However, the journey to certification can be complex. That’s where Ultra-Heals comes in, providing you with the tools and support needed to streamline the process. What is ISO27001:2022?: […]
mobile application security testingExposed API Keys in Mobile Apps
Security Insights: Cyberheals Researchers Identify Critical Vulnerabilities in Leading Mobile Applications Using MobiHeals a SaaS Based application. In a recent breakthrough, researchers have discovered significant vulnerabilities within popular apps, leveraging their cutting-edge product to uncover API leaks, Exposed Firebase Databases as well as other critical issues. Key Findings: Cyberheals revealed that over half of the […]
Cybersecurity ServicesUAE Phishing Attacks
Cyber Heals Identifies an Ongoing Phishing Campaign: From Al Baik to KFC, a Russian-Based Threat Actor Continues Its Deceptive Practices A highly sophisticated and targeted phishing campaign has been uncovered, orchestrated by a Russian- based threat actor with the primary objective of acquiring credit card details from individuals in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Following […]
Data Leaks Identified on India’s largest e‑Commerce Platform
Cyber Heals effectively identifies data leaks on India's largest fashion e-commerce application, With its cutting-edge AI-powered Ultra Heals Security Platform Cyber Heals unveils its groundbreaking AI-powered Ultra Heals Security Platform, capable of swiftly detecting data leaks, with recent success in identifying a breach within India’s largest fashion e-commerce application.  Our Ultra Heals Security Platform is […]
Cyber Heals has detected a leak of National ID Cards from a prominent university in Kuwait
Cyber Heals has detected a leak of National ID Cards from a prominent university in Kuwait. CyberHeals has detected a monumental data breach involving a prominent university in the state of Kuwait. On 24th September 2023, a threat actor unveiled a sample of this breach on a Breached forum. This massive security lapse exposed over […]
Cyber Heals Researcher Unveils New Zero
Cyber Heals Researcher Unveils New Zero-Day Vulnerability (CVE-2023-4811) We're thrilled to announce that a member of our very own Cyber Heals family Mr. Faiyaz Ahamed has discovered a new zero-day vulnerability! This isn't just a one-off accomplishment - our team has consistently been on the frontline, identifying zero-days and fortifying the cyber world. Finding a […]
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