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mobile application security testingExposed API Keys in Mobile Apps
Security Insights: Cyberheals Researchers Identify Critical Vulnerabilities in Leading Mobile Applications Using MobiHeals a SaaS Based application. In a recent breakthrough, researchers have discovered significant vulnerabilities within popular apps, leveraging their cutting-edge product to uncover API leaks, Exposed Firebase Databases as well as other critical issues. Key Findings: Cyberheals revealed that over half of the […]
Cybersecurity ServicesUAE Phishing Attacks
Cyber Heals Identifies an Ongoing Phishing Campaign: From Al Baik to KFC, a Russian-Based Threat Actor Continues Its Deceptive Practices A highly sophisticated and targeted phishing campaign has been uncovered, orchestrated by a Russian- based threat actor with the primary objective of acquiring credit card details from individuals in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Following […]
Data Leaks Identified on India’s largest e‑Commerce Platform
Cyber Heals effectively identifies data leaks on India's largest fashion e-commerce application, With its cutting-edge AI-powered Ultra Heals Security Platform Cyber Heals unveils its groundbreaking AI-powered Ultra Heals Security Platform, capable of swiftly detecting data leaks, with recent success in identifying a breach within India’s largest fashion e-commerce application.  Our Ultra Heals Security Platform is […]
Cyber Heals has detected a leak of National ID Cards from a prominent university in Kuwait
Cyber Heals has detected a leak of National ID Cards from a prominent university in Kuwait. CyberHeals has detected a monumental data breach involving a prominent university in the state of Kuwait. On 24th September 2023, a threat actor unveiled a sample of this breach on a Breached forum. This massive security lapse exposed over […]
Cyber Heals Researcher Unveils New Zero
Cyber Heals Researcher Unveils New Zero-Day Vulnerability (CVE-2023-4811) We're thrilled to announce that a member of our very own Cyber Heals family Mr. Faiyaz Ahamed has discovered a new zero-day vulnerability! This isn't just a one-off accomplishment - our team has consistently been on the frontline, identifying zero-days and fortifying the cyber world. Finding a […]
Cyber Heals Uncovers New Qbit Ransomware
Cyber Heals Uncovers New Qbit Ransomware: A Deep Dive into new Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) In the vast and obscure recesses of the darkweb, a new threat has surfaced - the Qbit Ransomware, unveiled by the threat actor under a veil of malicious excitement and technical prowess. Cyber Heals, a vigilant entity in the […]
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