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Cyber Breach at a Major Middle Eastern Insurance Firm

Feb 29 2024
1 Min Read

Cyber Heals, through its platform Ultra Heals, has showcased a remarkable capacity to address and mitigate a significant data breach impacting a major insurance firm in the Middle East. Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, Ultra Heals rapidly detected the breach, which had been disclosed on a cybercriminal forum. This breach involved the exposure of sensitive data, including credit card information and personal identifiers, affecting over 100,000 individuals.

The response strategy implemented by Ultra Heals included continuous monitoring of the dark web, AI and big data analytics to accurately identify threats, an instant alert system for swift action, and a collaborative approach to threat verification. This case study underlines Cyber Heals' prowess in deploying advanced cybersecurity measures and their dedication to protecting businesses against the sophisticated and evolving digital threats of today.

For comprehensive details on how Cyber Heals and its Ultra Heals platform identified and countered this cybersecurity challenge, and to gain insights into their innovative defence mechanisms that safeguard businesses against intricate digital threats, download the full case study

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