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Fortifying Defenses: Defeating Cyber Threats in Logistics

Apr 4 2024
1 Min Read

This case study from Cyber Heals addresses a significant cyber threat faced by a prominent logistics company in the Middle East. The company engaged Cyber Heals to conduct an Incident Response analysis of its database server, revealing vulnerabilities to potential cyber-attacks, notably a brute-force attack. Through an examination of SQL log files, Cyber Heals identified multiple failed login attempts from malicious IP addresses, exploiting the server's publicly accessible database.

The study outlines the scope of the analysis, reasons for the attack, and actionable recommendations to mitigate vulnerabilities, including blocking malicious IPs, enhancing firewall protections, and implementing stronger authentication measures. By addressing these issues, Cyber Heals aims to fortify the company's security posture and reduce the risk of future cyber threats.

The case underscores the critical importance of proactive security measures in safeguarding sensitive data and mitigating potential cyber-attacks in the logistics sector.

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