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Effortlessly manage regulations, risks, and compliance with Ultra-Heals' comprehensive solution.
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Cloud-based Static & Dynamic Application Security
Testing Platform for Mobile Apps
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About the product

Mobiheals platform

Mobi Heals is a Mobile App Security Testing Platform that can be used to identify potential security risks in mobile applications both iOS and Android. It can detect OWASP Mobile Top 10 vulnerabilities in the applications, misconfigurations, malwares, and hard-coded secrets.
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Understanding the Need

Insecure Data Storage

If developers fail to encrypt or securely store data, malicious actors could access sensitive personally identifiable information. This usually occurs when developers incorrectly assume users or malware cannot access certain device or system files.​

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Code Quality Review​

Client code quality issues arise when third-parties can pass untrusted code as inputs that the app will execute. While this isn’t always a security vulnerability, hackers can exploit code quality issues to execute malicious code as well.

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Malicious/Insecure Communication​

Most mobile apps leverage backend systems for data storage and resource-intensive functionality, but this creates an attack vector that may allow hackers to eavesdrop or intercept unsecured communications.​

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For a proactive security mindset to be firmly established within an organization, in many cases what’s needed is a change in culture. This change must begin with senior management and permeate through all departments. But it does come with its benefits.

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Key benefits

Unmatched Differentiators

Top tier Cloud-Native Architecture icon

Top tier Cloud-Native Architecture

With a cloud-native architecture built on Kubernetes, Mobiheals offers scalability and agility, adapting to the dynamic needs of modern mobile environments.

Real-time Threat Detection capability icon

Real-time Threat Detection capability

Provides real-time threat detection capabilities, enabling prompt response to emerging security threats and minimizing the risk of data breaches.

Comprehensive Compliance Support icon

Comprehensive Compliance Support

Facilitates compliance with regulatory standards such as GDPR and CCPA, offering regular security audits and adherence to data protection regulations.

Advanced Static Analysis feature icon

Advanced Static Analysis feature

Utilizes cutting-edge static analysis techniques to identify potential vulnerabilities in mobile applications, ensuring robust security measures.

Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats

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